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Creative & Professional Design

The world is transforming. The way of doing things is changing. People no longer take a ride in the neighborhood and figure out their choices. They have a better way of knowing the best in the market, and that is through a quick Internet search. Do you wish to stay in business and compete with everyone taking advantage of this way of reaching people? Read along!

All you need to be out there is a creative website for realtors. There needs to be a landing page for your business to make people aware of the distinguished services you provide. You don’t have to worry about the details. Just hire us, and you will get the chicest looking website in no time. We will make a custom design for you containing unique ideas, top-notch graphics, and an eye-catching layout.

Powerful IDX

What does it mean to have a powerful IDX enabled? Realtor IDX websites are one which has MLS approval and integration. This allows them to show MLS pages on their website under their domain name that means less re-direction from the website. This means customers will stay interested. 

IDX allows people to not only search for properties but also get a virtual tour of the place. They can browse the properties through the advanced search, map polygon search, and through the Listing ID for the particular listing. The polygon map search allows them to search for properties within a confined area on the map. People can then save this search or favorite the listings they like. This favorite feature allows sending notifications to interested people when there is an open house opportunity.

IDX has the lead capture feature that captures lead for you. When they share a listing, request additional information regarding a listing, or request a home evaluation, you get an opportunity to follow up. It includes any such form that asks them for information related to them or the house. 

You get a website that generates leads for you when customers choose home valuation. Home valuation is getting an estimate on the worth of their property or mortgage details regarding the installments they have to pay and the interest rate and details about that. Having an IDX powered website adds worth to your website, and people visit and use it more often than you can imagine.

Responsive Websites

You can’t predict what electronic device your potential customers are using to search about realtor agent websites. You can’t overlook or leave a device unattended. Your website should be accessible from mobile phones, laptops, and tablets all the same. Did that make you panic for a bit? Did you stop to think about how to get it done?

You happen to be in the right place. We deal with such websites. The realtor website design that we produce is not only creative but fully responsive as well. Our created websites are easily accessible from all the electronic devices out there. We don’t leave any chance of getting to people through any means. By trusting in us, you can be sure that no electronic device user is neglected, and all can reach your stunning website.

Lead forms & Analytics

You can’t be successful if you don’t engage with your customers. Engagement is the key. There is a whole model that revolves around the idea of the Customer Relationship (CRM) Model. It is designed to create a new client list and staying in touch with the ones you already have.

It is crucial to generate leads whenever you can. The concept is simple. A customer lands on your website, he likes something, and he contacts you. Another way this could be is by him giving you his details or leave a query. This way you, get his contact information and can work with this lead to get a sale.

The database you generate through this model can help you understand customer needs. All you need to do is little analytics. We provide such a form on every page to generate leads for you. With the realtor’s web design that we create for you, you will generate leads in no time.

Excellent Support

Our responsibility isn’t just to produce a fancy website. We intend to make you a brand in yourself. We believe that every realtor can become a brand and known for it. What is our process?

We have sessions with our clients (you) and know about your business. We study how you do your business and what makes you different from others. Once we know that, we use these details to create a website that becomes your identity.

We provide you support for as long as you need it to get familiar with your website. We are not just any website designers. We focus on real estate websites for realtors, and that is why our work is more supportive of your domain, and we can provide better services.

WordPress Content Management

The best choice while choosing the platform is crucial. You can do a lot more damage if the right choice is not made. In your case, you need not be worried. You got us to cover that.

Your website needs to have the feature of creating a listing, managing it, and deleting it when the deal is made. Another purpose of your website is blog management. We will talk about just how important blogs are in a minute, but first things first. We use a Content Management System (CMS) to create your website.

From the many CMS available, we provide services in WordPress. A simple reason to use it can be that everyone is using it, but that’s not it. We master WordPress realtor websites due to the user-friendliness. It is the easiest to use even for non-technical people. You can have multiple editors and content creators and easily manage your website when we hand it over to you.

SEO friendly Agent websites

It makes no sense to create a website that is not attracting traffic. We don’t do that here. We focus our attention on this aspect as well. Taking our services will mean that your realtor website design will just not be the vanilla for websites. We put our efforts into making it is the best realtor website design and rank it on the top pages on major search engines.

For this, we have a dedicated team that specializes in SEO management. Since we focus our work around realtor website design, we know the keywords that bring about the most traffic to the website. We use them in the text to generate organic content and reach more people.

Website Security

Your website will contain forms asking people to fill in sensitive information related to them. Do you think they will trust you enough to give you that information without a guarantee? They won’t. A website for realtors need to be secure, and we know that. Our services are not limited to just realtors web design. We provide a secure website too. The websites we create have the SSL certificate that gives your website a secure interface. The lock sign that appears with the URL tells the clients that their data is safely transferred to you, and that is the confidence they need to share. 

Powerful Blogs

Do you want to build one of those cheap realtor websites? We are assuming it to be a no. Do you know what makes a website attractive and more relatable? The answer is blogs. If you want one of those real estate websites for realtors that you want more people to visit, you need to have a supporting blog that can redirect people to your selling page. 


Even realtor websites with IDX can’t help you much if you don’t have a blog to support them. The blog can have the right keywords to draw people towards your website, and you can redirect them to your listings page. Even people who are not looking to sell/buy read blogs and, a good description can instill them to do one of the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

If you want an answer in a sentence, then we are the best website builder for realtors. We are assuming that you need some proof of that. Well, to start off, we are a focused agency. We don’t drown ourselves in work. We believe in choosing the thing we are best at and doing that. We are not involved in just website creation. We are specialized in realtor websites with IDX.

We can assure you that we are the best website builder for realtors due to our process. We might be the only ones who take out the time to study the client. We create their websites differently than any web site for realtor. We make you into a brand and provide you with the support you might not find anywhere else.

We do recommend the best IDX for realtors, IDX brokers. It may seem like a biased recommendation as they are our web design partners, but that is not the case. Let us justify this.

IDX Broker provides a full-proof API, which we can integrate into the websites easily. To build an API that gives such a quick response is not easy. By using their API, we get even more benefits.

They provide an extension. It allows customers to get an estimate of mortgage or selling price, according to their house. Isn’t that great for property websites for realtors? The option to favorite properties will be available to them. Through this, they can look at their favorite properties later too. Do you want your website to be one of the best IDX websites for realtors?

The question needs more answers from you than from us. Our realtor website builder practices allow us to safely give a timeframe of 2 weeks. Within two weeks, you can get your realtor IDX website. There is a catch, though.

The standard time window of website development and deployment can increase from 2-3 weeks with increasing details. Your personal realtor website can be as detailed as you want. We can add as many features as you desire and are willing to pay for them. For a website with extra-ordinary features, we give an estimated delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

Although the time for production increases, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a way out. We can put more resources for your project, but that comes with a slightly higher charge. But that will ensure you get one of the best IDX websites for realtors.

We don’t believe in charging our clients more than the services. We don’t take advantage of you in terms of money. So, to put it simply, the answer to this question is no. We have a contract, and there is a one-time cost for the website. This cost is fixed and is based on the realtor website tools and realtor website designs you agreed on. This cost needs to be covered. Once that is out of the way, we deliver the website and with it the core files. You might not understand them, but we give them to you, unlike the many others who don’t.

There can be a monthly fee for additional SEO services or website maintenance packages that require monthly payments. You can avail them as per your need.

We are just there to provide the realtors' web design. We create a website. But once that website is created and delivered to you, you have the full power to edit or change things in it. You can add contributors, editors, content creators, and a lot more. The reason behind using WordPress as a realtor website builder was to ensure the users can make changes as per your needs.

We used WordPress as it is the basis of 38% of websites on the Internet. The reason behind this is simple, to allow users to make quick changes without any technical knowledge.

99% chances are, yes! We create websites for clients across United States and Canada. 

We are developer partners with IDXBroker, the IDX provider we recommend using for your website. IDXBroker serves 600+ MLSs across United States and Canada.

We have created real estate websites for agents from New York, California, Massachussets, Connecticut, Alaska and all major states.

We give our customers the training they need to use the websites and change them according to their needs. The most important part of this training is a one to one session with our expert. In this session, he teaches you to edit, delete, and update your website's content.

Apart from this session, we also provide you with tutorials and our repository links. They contain tutorials that can easily be understood and can help you out whenever you are stuck at something. They are designed for beginners, especially.

You get the special session if you have taken our customized website for realtors designing package. We also offer it with basic packages for an additional fee of USD 50.

To us, it is integral that our clients are satisfied. Along with the support that we provide in the initial days after delivery, we offer maintenance services to people who need them. For that, we have packages you might like to see. There are monthly, semi-monthly and annual packages that we offer currently.

Our idea is to maintain the web site for realtors. It ensures they can work on their business strategies rather than putting energy on the technical side that they know less of. We take pride in doing that.

One of the services included in our package is SEO. This is the optimization you need to be ranked in the top websites that Google or any search engine shows based on the search query. We can proudly say that we have the right resources to get this task done. We are at our top game in creating realtor websites with IDX and enhancing them with SEO techniques.

We use organic SEO with well-researched keywords to provide a good ranking for the website in search engines. It is all based on using the right keywords with the perfect flow.

This is one of the most important things to look for while creating a website. But while working with us, you will not have to worry about this. Our services include suggestions for the best domain name and hosting services that can help you out. We will help you out throughout the registration process, and that is not even the best part. The best part is that we give you discount links for hosting that allow FREE domain registration for a year. Can you even believe that? We aren't the best website builder for realtors without reason. Contact us now to help yourself.