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Creative & Professional Design

Did you come looking for the professional real estate websites? We are glad that you landed in the right place! Do you look at fancy websites and envy how you don’t have one YET? Let’s change that! You have finally landed on the makers of the best real estate brokerage websites in the area. Our company is specialized in making fully responsive and creative websites for our clients.


The websites we create represent your business wholly. We aim to study our clients and build a brand out of their unique ways. This includes high-quality images, a professional logo, and a well-planned layout. We know what we are talking about! 

Powerful IDX

The IDX features included in our real estate websites for brokers is the smooth integration of MLS board. It allows the listings to be visible on your website. There is no redirection involved. The IDX listings are available under your domain name. 

With IDX integrated, your clients will be able to search using the advanced search option, or through a listing ID, and through searching an area on the map for a possible listing. 

The virtual tour feature enabled your customers to get a virtual tour of the house right there on your website. Isn’t that amazing?

The visitors of your website can save the searches. They can favorite the properties they are interested in and get notified about an open house in those homes. These are a few of the many features that come with the integration.

Responsive Websites

Have you ever browsed through a website that is impossible to work with on your phone? And due to the irregular layout, an unresponsive button, did you close it? If you have been in such a situation, you know how quickly a person closes such a website. 

Our unique real estate websites don’t do that. We make fully responsive websites. This means that our websites are accessible with their full features across every device. No matter if your client uses a tablet, phone, laptop, or any gadget, we make the website fully functional for each. This is one of the main features of our way of doing things.

Lead forms & Analytics

Creating a client list and staying in touch with the old ones is what the Customer Relationship Model (CRM) is all about. The website would be of no use if it could not find customers. For this purpose, lead generation forms come in handy.

A lead generation form is a form included in the website that allows the visitor to enter his details. This way, you can contact him and get him interested in either buying or selling. But to do that, you need to have a lead (contact) of that person. He can also ask a query regarding anything he needs. There is your lead, and if you fulfill it, you can make a sale.

We include such lead generation forms on every page of your website and collect this data. You can use it for further analysis to know more about your clients.

Excellent Support

The companies that care about their customers are successful ones. This is what we have believed from day one. 

Our way of website development is a little detailed. We arrange sessions with our clients to know about their business and what makes them different. We do this to create a real estate broker website design that is unique for the client. We make your website to produce a new brand in your name.

We provide full support once the website is live. Furthermore, we help our clients to understand more about the website and how to manage it.

WordPress Content Management

Every choice we make has a reason behind it. The choice of WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) also has its reasons. Firstly, CMS is what one goes for when he has to add listings on his website, manage a blog, and update those listings. It is a management software that allows all this effortlessly.

But why WordPress? It is for our clients. WordPress websites are the easiest to manipulate. We believe in handing over the website to the client and let him work with it after development. The smooth transfer is only likely when the website is easier to manage for even a non-technical person. This is the main reason for choosing it.

SEO friendly Agent websites

SEO is what your website needs to get more traffic. It allows your website to be seen. We do this by using well-researched keywords on your website. This ranks your website in the top pages of a search engine such as Google. 

People only care about what’s on the first few pages and make a decision based on that. Due to this reason, we put a lot of focus in this direction. We have a highly qualified team to achieve this. They have enough experience in the field, and with further research, they get your website to rank top in the real estate websites for brokers.

Website Security

A secure website is what the users look for. They don’t find it safe to enter their information on a website that doesn’t offer SSL security. SSL is end-to-end security that ensures that whatever the user enters is visible to you only. It is encrypted for any third party in between.

People deem the green padlock they see while opening a website as security. Yes, it is one of the crucial ways to secure your website. We design websites for real estate brokers with SSL certificates that make your websites authentic enough for the clients to enter their details.

Powerful Blogs

The most organic way of getting visitors to real estate brokerage websites is through blogs. It is the SEO blog content that helps to redirect the visitor to your website’s main page. 

People love reading blogs about the best options related to real estate, DIY tips, and whatnot. You can host such blogs on your website, and once the visitor reads these blogs, you can use the right linking strategy to guide them to your website’s selling/buying page. Everyone wins! 

We help you incorporate such a blog into your website. We help you with ideas related to your business that can boost visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

This is a good question. Why would anyone choose one alternative? The simple answer is that we are the best. We can say this with complete confidence as we have ample experience in the industry. We have made multiple real estate brokerage websites and would love to do the same for you.

What makes us different from others? The main distinction is our dedication to just one domain. We don’t build websites for just everyone. Instead, we focus on the real estate broker website. It has given us good exposure and made us learn the ins and outs of the business. 

Every time someone asks this question, we have an answer instantly. We recommend our idx partner IDX Broker. We have good reasons for recommending them.

IDX Broker provides us with APIs that enable a smooth integration. We use their APIs directly in the websites, and it works perfectly well. Apart from the well-designed API, they provide multiple extensions for broker sites

One of those extensions is the value estimator. It allows getting an estimate of what the client will get if he sells his property. A similar mortgage and loan payment calculator is also among the extensions IDX Broker provides. A popular option that allows users to favorite properties they find interesting and come back to them later is also included in their package. Don’t you agree with our recommendation now?

If you want one of those standard real estate brokerage websites, we will get it done in 2-3 weeks. Our team is capable of making a fully responsive working website in just 2 weeks. But that depends highly on what you want. What does that mean?

It means that if you want to add more features to your website, we will be happy to assist you with it. We will make a brand of your website as you need. But all this takes a little extra time. The time and cost will increase with the increasing features. 

There is still a solution. Even with more features, we will deliver your chosen real estate broker website design in lesser time. We do this by putting additional resources on your project. But it comes with a slightly higher cost. But it can be done!

Unlike many companies, we like to keep our dealings transparent. We tell our clients everything we charge for and our charging methods. If you are taking us onboard for building you a real estate broker website, we will give you the cost right at the start.

Our contract will have a one-time fee. It is an upfront payment and is fixed. That payment depends on the features you need and the price that has been agreed upon by both parties.

Although we do have a few monthly options, that comes when you sign up for it. We have monthly SEO and website maintenance programs that you can opt for whenever you want to.

Do you know why we chose WordPress for real estate broker website solutions? The answer is it is easy to manipulate. This allows our clients, you, to change, update, or delete things as per their wishes. It is the same reason why 38% of the websites on the Internet are based on WordPress. 

We have a practice of handing over the core files to the clients. Through these files, you can edit even the internal structure of the website. But if you want to add contributors and other content creators to the website, you can do that through the user-friendly dashboard. 

99% chances are, yes! We create websites for clients across United States and Canada. 

We are developer partners with IDXBroker, the IDX provider we recommend using for your website. IDXBroker serves 600+ MLSs across United States and Canada.

We have created real estate websites for agents from New York, California, Massachussets, Connecticut, Alaska and all major states.

One of the services included in the package is training the client while handing the website over. We do this for a graceful change of charge. The training of the website is included to familiarize the client with the features on his website.

We teach him how he can change things he wants to. Training includes a one-on-one session with our expert. The goal of this session is to make you well-versed with the most common actions.

We also provide video links, documentation, and tutorials to help you learn more about what’s happening.

The session is included in the custom package but can be availed with an additional $50 payment with any package.

We believe one should focus on the task one knows best. We want our client to focus on his business plan, and we can take care of the website technicalities.

We provide support for the real estate broker website in the first few days after delivery. But that’s not all! We can provide further assistance and maintain your website if you hire us for that too.

We have multiple packages to help you with maintenance. We have quarterly, semi-annual and annual packages designed. The variety of packages are designed, keeping in view the budgets and needs of our clients. We always aim to deliver the best.

Yes, we will. A part of our agreement with clients have just that. We proudly claim our built websites to be SEO optimized. The purpose of such is to rank your websites in the top pages of google whenever someone looks for websites for real estate brokers.

Your client will land on your website, which will be on the first page of Google. Since we make unique real estate websites, once a customer lands on it, he is hooked. 

We use organic SEO for this purpose. Our team researches the right keywords and then uses them efficiently in writing. You can be sure we are as good at our work as you are at our website right now!

One of the perks of hiring us is you don’t have to worry about these. We provide our clients with the best. We do this by assisting our clients with everything. We help a client by suggesting a domain name and hosting service that goes well with their business. We will help you throughout the setting up process. And, *drum roll* we even give out links to avail FREE domain for a year. We say we are the best in business, and then we prove it!