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Are you following the recent trends and news?

If you aren’t, let us bring something to your attention. Marketing ways have changed, and it’s time you start following them. You do want people to know more about your real estate agency, don’t you? We are sharing a secret that will lead you to success. Get one of those real estate business websites for yourself. And who better to assist you with it than us?

We are a company that excels in the art of website designing. We have designed a lot of real estate company websites. The best part of our websites is the creative design we present, unique to our clients. We use features that make you different for designing your website. We will wait for your call!

Powerful IDX

We are always proud to tell you about our IDX listings. Our built estate agency web design have IDX listings built into the website. These are available due to MLS integration. Your customers don’t get redirected to an MLS server.

IDX integration comes with a lot of features. We will tell you about a few, and the rest you can explore once we create your real estate company website.
With a virtual tour of the house and open house notifications about the house, a customer can know and keep track of his favorite listing. He can favorite listings to which he can come back later.

There is an advanced search option included with IDX integration. One of these searches allows users to draw a polygon on the map. Listings are searched within the boundaries of that polygon. Users can search through listing ID too. Once they get listings that are according to their needs, they can favorite them. After favoriting, they will receive notifications regarding the listing and know if and when an open house happens.

For people who need a mortgage, they can get an estimate through the mortgage calculator. It has a property valuation feature too. It can estimate the worth of a visitor’s property.

Responsive Agent Websites

The website loses its essence if it is accessible from some devices only. We don’t design websites that way. We create the best real estate company websites that are accessible from every device with an Internet connection.

This is a strategy to engage as many people as possible. With easy accessibility, people can search your website and the listings even while traveling. These seem to be small things, but they matter a lot.

The promise of fully responsive doesn’t mean it will just be browsable. It means that every feature of the website will be available for every device. This makes your website attractive to everyone who sees it.

Lead forms & Analytics

You got traffic towards your website. Now what? You need to build a relationship with them, an online one. How? It’s easy. You put a lead form on every page they can land on. What is a lead form?

A lead form is a form asking the visitor about his details. It includes contact information and his intent, i.e., whether he is looking to buy or sell. The contact information is a lead. You can contact him to put forward your recommendations.

The collection of this data and results after your interactions can be maintained and used for analytics to help you understand the crowd better.

Excellent Customer

We take our work more seriously and love to serve. We don’t just do website design. Apart from all the technical stuff we provide support to our clients. Our way of creating a website is a little different. We like to create a unique real estate company website for everyone.

To accomplish this, we have sessions with our clients. Through these sessions, we try to know as much about the client as we need. This is to make a brand out of his business. This is the extra service we provide. Your website is made with a flavor of your specialty, making you stand out.

WordPress Content Management

If you know a little about Website development, you will be aware that it needs a platform. There are many such platforms available. Before we tell you about that, you need to know about CMS. Content Management System (CMS) is recommended when the website has to display listings, host a blog and have many people edit, create and delete.

Let’s shine the light towards the platform we use. We use the platform that is currently being used by half of the world, if not more. It is WordPress. WordPress is this great website where you can add custom plugins to make your website awesome. We are well-versed in creating those plugins for you.

SEO Friendly

A website will be in vain if you can’t get people to visit it. Lucky for you, we handle that too. Our SEO specialized team takes care of this domain. They have ample knowledge about the tools to use. Since our focus is real estate business websites, we have a team who knows about SEO related to real estate company websites.
They provide the right keywords to use. We don’t overuse the words as that is not recommended at all.

We won’t bore you with the details. Be assured, once you hire us, your page will have a higher ranking on every search engine.

Website Security

One thing that is ignored by many website developers is website security. Among many websites, an estate agency website design is one that should be secure. When you expect a person to enter his house and contact details, he has a right to know his information is secure.

We give them this guarantee by making a secure website. The website has an SSL certificate, which can be seen as a green padlock with the URL in the address bar. This ensures that the transfer of data between the customer and the server is secure and gives people more confidence to indulge.

Powerful Blogs

Anyone can tip the scales in his favor and get instant fame. But that fame doesn’t last. Our way of working is quite the opposite.

We target organic traffic. And the best way to get organic traffic is through compelling blogs. People do not always search for a real estate company website. Sometimes all they are looking for few tips about real estate.

We can use it to our advantage. We can get the people hooked through the blogs and redirect them to the listings or a lead form. This way, you now have a lead to follow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Oley.IO?

The answer is really in front of you. Do you see how well our website is maintained? Do you see the great outlook? But that’s not it. We have a really valid reason for you. 

We are one of the very few agencies that specialize in estate agency website design. There are many agencies out there that provide website development services, but very few that give specialized services. Due to this very fact, we are at the top of our game. We know so much about the history that we can create websites with our eyes closed. Don’t worry, we don’t do that, though.

Do you recommend any IDX provider?

If we tell you that we recommend IDX Broker as the best IDX provider, you will doubt it. You might believe that we are saying that due to our partnership with them. But that isn’t true.

We have more partners, but the reason for recommending IDX Broker is their smooth APIs. The APIs are well-designed to be integrated effortlessly. 

Apart from the multiple listings, they provide many cool extensions for the client website. One of those extensions is the advanced search option, which lets you search a custom area selected on the map. They know what they are doing, and so do we.

How long will it take to complete the website?

The answer to this question is not one. The length of time to complete the website depends upon the features it has to contain. We make websites at a great rate. If you want to add extra features, it will take us a bit more to get that integrated.

The standard time for delivering a completed website is 2-3 weeks. It can be as minimum as 2 weeks. But once you start adding complex features like those present in bigger businesses’ websites, it will extend the development time.

However, don’t worry. We can manage it too. If you want quick delivery, we will make it possible but at a slightly higher cost.

Is there a monthly fee I need to pay?

You might be expecting yes to be the answer. But that’s not the case. Many agencies promise something else and then charge monthly fees and whatnot. We don’t like to do such fishy business.

Our business idea is simple, we understand what the client needs. We give them a quote. We take the one-time cost for the entire website, and that’s it. No additional charges are present.

We offer monthly and annual subscriptions for SEO and website maintenance, but only when the client asks for it. We don’t force any payments on you. That’s what makes us the best real estate company website designers.

Will I be able to make changes in my website by myself?

Think about it as your website. Now answer this question for yourself. Of course, you can make changes to your website. The vital operations, often called CRUD operations, are available. This is due to the selection of WordPress.

WordPress is a user-friendly platform. We handle the technical details of the customization while making the basic operations easy for you. We even hand over the core customized files to you. If you know about the stuff, you can edit that as well. In case you don’t, we recommend you not to change anything in it.

Will you give me training once my website is launched?

We do understand that not everyone knows a lot about managing a website. We thus take it on ourselves to help them out. Our custom packages include a one-to-one session with our expert. He guides you about maintaining your website.

Apart from this, we have documentation maintained to help clients know about the platform and thus their website in more detail. We also share tutorials with our clients to help them understand more about their website.

The one-to-one scenario is available complimentary in the custom package. For others, it comes with an additional $50.

Do you provide real estate website maintenance?

A real estate company website can need constant maintenance. We provide support for the first few days after handing the website to the client. 

For long-term maintenance, we provide packages to the client. They come for a monthly, annual, or semi-annual fee. The reason behind this is to ensure that our client focuses towards their business plan and let us handle the technical side for them. One man can’t handle all.

Depending upon the time he needs support, he can choose his package. There are no restrictions from our side. We are here to help.

Will you optimize my website for Search Engines like Google?

If you scroll a little, you will find SEO to be one of the key features we offer. The estate agency’s web design always needs to be accompanied by SEO. It will ensure that a customer will get to your website, and once he does, he stays due to the attractive design and captivating content. 

We perform organic SEO to ensure that your website ranks on the first page whenever a user searches about real estate company websites. Our SEO specialized team is aware of the changing trends and keep a close eye on them. Through this knowledge, they work their magic.

What about the domain name and hosting service?

This is something that bothers a lot of people who are thinking of creating an online platform for their business. You are lucky to have navigated here. The real estate business websites created under our wing have no troubles with a domain name and hosting service. We give suggestions for what domain name should go well with your business, but you are always free to use one of your creations.

A good hosting service is hard to find. We make it easier. When we hand over your estate agency web design, we give links to avail FREE hosting for the first year. Our focus isn’t limited to just estate agency website design but to help our clients in whatever way possible.