8 mistakes you will make when creating your photography website on Wix and how to avoid them with WordPress

Today I bring you an article from a blogger that will give a lot to talk about in the coming months in terms of offering useful resources to photographers. Nahuai is his name and on his website he talks about how to create websites for professional photographers and on the topic of optimization of everything that has to do with the content and development of it. That is why today he has come to explain to us why you should not create your photography website on wix and yes with WordPress. Without more, I leave you with Nahuai.

To boost your professional career as a photographer, you need your own website. And one of the most important decisions you will face will be to choose the platform on which to build your online business. Let me tell you the reasons why you should not create your photography website on Wix, or other similar services, and why you can trust WordPress .

What is the first thing you think about in those moments?

  • You have no previous knowledge about website creation.
  • You lack the time to learn and create it for yourself.
  • You want to keep a reduced budget.

Platforms like Wix, Weebly or Jimdo have a single strong point , and they are simple to use . However, they all share a great common inconvenience: they chain and limit your business, both present and future.

All this does not happen if you use WordPress on your photography website. And, in case there are any doubts, I’m talking about WordPress.org, since the WordPress.com option has almost the same limitations as services like Wix. This article clarifies the differences between one and the other .

Next, I tell you all the reasons why you should not work with platforms like Wix.

1. You will not be the owner of your content

With this type of free companies, even if you keep the authorship of the content, your work will be in the hands of others. That means you will lack total control over your website.

Do you want to see some examples of situations in which you could go wrong with these services?

  • If the terms and conditions change → you can veto certain types of photographs.
  • When they decide to raise prices → or you pay, or you must start from scratch elsewhere.
  • If the company goes bankrupt and has to close → your content is lost with it.
  •  When you want to migrate to WordPress → you may need to start from scratch.

What face have you left?

By mounting the web with WordPress on your own server, you will avoid all these ties. You will be the owner and lord of your content.

2. You will not be able to mark your own style

Your work, your specialization and everything you express through your photographs, make you a unique professional among the crowd. Your personal brand, your own style, is what makes you stand out above your competitors.

One of Wix’s main problems is its limited number of predefined designs and formats that are not very customizable. Because of this, you will not be able to transmit your personal brand as you wish. And, above, it will cost you more to differentiate yourself from your competition.

In addition, if you hire the free plan, you will not have your own domain and you will have to accept the Wix logo printed on all your pages. This is something unacceptable in a serious digital business. To avoid this, your only option would be to go to the paid version offered by these platforms. That is, the free option is not valid for a professional photographer like you.

With WordPress, you will not find limits to develop your personal brand and stand out from others. You can choose your own color palette and decide to the last detail of your design.

3. You will not find the perfect template for you

One of the most important points when it comes to personalizing your page is to select the appropriate template . But you should keep in mind that your first option will not be the final one.

Businesses, like everything in life, grow and evolve, and your website should be able to reflect these alterations in style and objectives. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the ability to pivot at any time with a simple change of template.

The number of themes available on Wix or Jimdo is very limited . If you are looking for a design inspired by one of your favorite websites, forget about finding it on these platforms. Surely, it will be a custom WordPress template.

In addition, if you change your mind and want to replace it with another one, you will spend your time. In Wix, for example, once the template is selected, your only option to change it later will be ZERO START. All previous work, thrown away.

4. You will not be able to extend the functionalities

Other important factors on a website are the features offered to your customers . For example, do you want to sell your photographs, show proofs or sell training courses? And more importantly, do you already know what you want to offer within, say, 10 years? When creating your page, you must keep all this in mind.

Maybe the options that give you platforms like Wix are enough for what you want to create now ( let me doubt it … ). But, tell me, will they meet your implementation needs in the future? The answer is no. These companies will keep you tied hand and foot due to their lack of flexibility .

However, if your page is built in WordPress, you can do what you want. And is that one of the great advantages of WordPress is its modular nature . To increase the functionality of your website, you just have to install a plugin. That easy!

The options are almost endless. For example, there are visual constructors that will help you create pages in a simple way, by using drag and drop modules, such as Divi Builder (Elegant Themes) or Thrive Builder, both paid or if you prefer free options you can choose Page Builder (Site Origin) or Elementor.

5. You will not position well on Google

You already know what the positioning rules are like: if you want your photo page to come out of the first ones in searches, you need Google to notice you . And to be attractive, what you must do is work and take care of the SEO of your website .

Did you intend to use platforms like Wix and company? Well, forget about pampering and optimizing the SEO of your page. Keep in mind that, until recently, some of these companies did not even offer the option to customize the excerpt shown in the search results; or the structure of the url. Therefore, apart from not positioning correctly , neither did they please visitors , or what is the same, your … future customers?

And now, let me tell you something about WordPress: It’s designed to please Google . In other words, structure the content of your website so that search engines find it very easy to understand. In addition, if you install a plugin like SEO by Yoast , your understanding of SEO will improve even more and therefore the positioning of your content.

6. You will not be able to reduce the loading speed

Charging time is essential for positioning and user experience. For every second of more than it takes to load your website, you will be losing a significant percentage of visits and, therefore, of potential customers!

The services like Wix have a poor load speed usually. And, worst of all, you can forget about doing something about it. Fix it will not be in your hands.

With WordPress , however:

  • You have at your disposal a multitude of plugins that allow you to accelerate the loading speed of the page.
  • You can optimize the photographs so that they look perfectly and take little time to load.
  • If you have a good hosting , the result will be much better than any of these other platforms can offer.

7. You will not keep the metadata of your photographs

As a professional photographer who mostly publishes his own works, maintaining certain metadata, such as copyright or keywords , is essential for you. In fact, if you want to position for a geographical area, for example, taking care of the SEO of your photographs is basic .

Most Wix-style companies change the name of the photo when uploading it, and even delete the metadata from it. This may be of little importance to someone who uses stock images on his blog. But … for a professional photographer? What do you think?

WordPress allows you to select what data to keep or delete. In addition, it offers plugins that help make the SEO of your images impeccable.

It is you who must choose which data should be preserved and which not. Prevent your platform from making this decision for you. Choose WordPress

8. You will not be able to optimize your workflow

Your time is money. Therefore, the ideal would be to do as much work as possible in the shortest possible time. The dream of every autonomous, what if? And one of the repetitive activities of a professional photographer is to upload images to your page.

With Wix, Weebly and similar companies, the task of uploading your photographs to the web will be tedious, especially when we talk about a large number of images.

But if your page is in WordPress, this process will be much more bearable thanks to plugins that allow you to automate the publication of images directly from Lightroom . And, best of all, is that the pictures on your website stay synchronized. This means that you can make all the changes you want in the original copies, whenever you want. And with a simple click , they will be updated on your page with the new format. Not bad, right?

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