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Name: Katie Dabbs Realty


Key features

Project Summary

Our client is a real estate agent with major business through IDX Listing, based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She approached us with a motive to design her brand identity for her business and a professional real estate website from scratch.

The Objective

The major objective was to carve a minimal real estate website design that is not only user-friendly, professional and secure but also all device responsive. We started the design of the brand identity and website with following motives in mind;

  • To create pages for smooth user experience and high lead generation rate 
  • Lisitng email alerts functionalty for new real estate listings
  • To convey the idea of real estate brokerage business of our client clearly to the website visitors

Strategy Implemented

At Oley.IO, we utilize WordPress content management system a secure, user-friendly, mobile responsive and professional website. The complete process, right from the design to deployment of the website on server took just 4 weeks. 



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“I would like to give a shout out to OLEY.IO, their production team, their marketing team, the website design they did for me. It’s great, I love it.. Everything I asked for, they designed it, made it more modern which is attractive to customers these days. The timeline they did it in was exceptional fast. I would recommend their product, their services to everyone. Great People, fast response time. They were always on top of the game, always checking to make sure everything is gone okay. So go with them, they are great people, I love them, they would do exactly what you need them do.”

Katie Dabbs

Real Estate Website Client Katie Dabbs
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